1 Proud Chasidic Jewish Girls who:

1.1 Have a clear sense of their Jewish identity

1.2 Can fuse their Chabad heritage with the world at large

1.3 Are devoted to the Rebbe’s mission of outreach

2 Effective Communicators who:

2.1 Demonstrate logical, articulate speaking ability

2.2 Have mastered a wide vocabulary

2.3 Use grammar correctly in speaking and writing

2.4 Demonstrate technological skills

2.5 Possess age appropriate social skills

3 Complex Thinkers who:

3.1 Comprehend a wide range of written material

3.2 Can analyze issues from a variety of perspectives

3.3 Can find relevance and meaning in their lives from their studies and experiences

4 Self-confident Individuals who:

4.1 Demonstrate confidence in curricular and extracurricular activities

4.2 Successfully cope in changing circumstances

4.3 Are unwavering in their principles

4.4 Have respect for others

4.5 Are positive role models for their peers

5 Productive Students who:

5.1 Demonstrate good work and study habits

5.2 Demonstrate effective organization of time and materials

5.3 Demonstrate appropriate academic skills